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Who to Contact

Have a question about water? We've put together a list of information resources for homeowners, teachers, and kids.


Who do I contact to...

Get information on the quality of my drinking water?

Contact your water utility.

EPA's Drinking Water website lets you search online for local water quality reports.


Have my drinking water tested?

Most utilities will test water for their clients so contact your water utility.

Check with your local health department. You can find your local health department on the Michigan Department of Community Health's local health department map.

For more in-depth analyses, try the MDEQ's Drinking Water Analysis Lab


Get information on septic tank maintenance?


EPA's Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems (pdf)


Report illicit discharges or illegal dumping?

If you live in the Lansing area, check out the contacts at Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management


Get information on storm water control?

Contact your County Drain Commissioner

Michigan DEQ Stormwater Program

EPA Stormwater Program


Monitor my lake or stream?

Michigan Clean Water Corps


Create a vegetated buffer on my waterfront property?

Check out the Michigan Natural Shorelines Partnership.      


Get information on fish consumption guidelines?

Check out the Michigan Department of Community Health's website on Eating Safe Fish


Create a raingarden in my yard?

Many local governments have assistance programs, so we recommend you contact your drain commissioner's office to see if one is available.

Check out the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner site Rain Gardens in Washtenaw


Get information on water for an upcoming trip or vacation?


CDC Travelers' Health: Food and Water Safety


Save water when traveling


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Where can I find information on...

Classroom science resources (curricula, activities, lesson plans, etc.)?

Michigan Project WET

EPA Teacher Center

EPA Environmental Education Pages

USGS Science Resources for Primary Grades (K-6)

USGS Science Resources for Secondary Grades (7-12)


Stream Monitoring Curriculum Guide (from Wisconsin)


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS)?

MEECS website

Western UP Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education

Information on creating wildlife habitat at my school?

NWF Schoolyard Habitats



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Where can I...

Learn about water?

EPA’s Water for Kids


Find the watershed where I live?

        EPA’s Surf Your Watershed


Create habitat for wildlife in my backyard?

National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Wildlife Habitat


Create a rain garden in my yard?

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council rain garden website


Learn about native and invasive aquatic species?

Michigan Sea Grant Native and Invasive Species Site    




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