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The MSU Water Science Network will be hosting networking events for MSU faculty and post-docs during the academic year. Please check the Water Science Network calendar for more information.




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Lunch Discussions
In 2014, CWS hosted several lunch discussions to discuss big water science at MSU and creation of a graduate water curriculum. We have posted information about the meetings here. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Dreelin at

Big Science discussion summary (Note: this is a 61 MB wmv video file)



Water Wednesdays

Our goal for Water Wednesday was to stimulate conversation and collaboration on campus. CWS hosted Water Wednesdays through 2014. The MSU Water Science Network now organizes networking events (see above) for the MSU water community.

Materials from Past Water Wednesdays:

The MSU Global Water Initiative

Speaker: Steve Pueppke, Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, MSU

MSU Global Water Initiative Summary

MSU Global Water Initiative Proposal

Blue Ribbon Blue Panel Report

Water Faculty Advisory Committee Report


Upcoming Water-related Seminars & Events on Campus

Dams, lampreys, and damn lampreys: lessons learned from native fish passage and invasive fish blockage in North America and Europe.


Wednesday, July 22

338 Natural Resources



Dr Mary Moser, NOAA Research Fisheries Biologist – Pacific lamprey passage in northwest USA

Dr Martyn Lucas, Senior Lecturer at Durham University, U.K. – European river lamprey and sea lamprey in Europe

Dr Robert McLaughlin, PERM Scientist at University of Guelph, Canada – Sea lamprey control in the Laurentian Great Lakes


Lampreys are a comparatively under-studied group of economically, ecologically and culturally important fishes. And yet they are cause for significant concern to fisheries managers across the world. Many species are migratory, and faced with significant numbers of in-stream barriers their continued presence in our rivers is under threat. However, here in the Laurentian Great Lakes region just one species dominates our attention – sea lamprey. In contrast to elsewhere the focus here is to prevent successful lamprey passage to reduce the negative impact of foraging on other fish species. In this special seminar, three invited speakers will each share their knowledge and experience of lamprey passage issues in North America and Europe; describing the specifics of their region/species and exploring commonalities to the problems faced by lampreys in surmounting barriers globally.




There are very few seminars scheduled during summer. Please check back later for more events.

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Please see the following links for other environment-related events across campus:

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