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CWS funded two types of projects: 1) venture grants which provide seed money to initiate research and 2) post-doctoral fellowship grants that provide a post-doctoral research associate to a team of CWS faculty members for a 2-year research project.

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Venture Grants
Post-doctoral Fellowship Grants

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Venture Grants


Application of whole-ecosystem 15N tracer approaches to investigate N removal by wetlands: Pilot experiments and methods development, Steve Hamilton and Nathaniel Ostrom. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

Exploring dynamic interactions between surface water and groundwater in the Muskegon River Watershed, Dave Hyndman. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

The development of a rapid culture-independent system for the assessment of aquatic phototrophic communities, Terence L. Marsh, Kalina Manoylov & R. Jan Stevenson. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

Mass Balance Study, Victoria McGuffin. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

Coupling human and ecological systems across an economic gradient within the Yangtze River Watershed in China, Jiaguo Qi. Abstract. Final report (pdf)



Benthic-Pelagic Linkages in Lakes: Using Stable Isotopes to Quantify Effects of  Residential Shoreline Development on Lake Ecosystems, Mary Bremigan. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

Physical-biological coupling in lakes: the role of dynamic physical processes in structuring phytoplankton communities, Elena Litchman. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

Effects of nutrients and exotic herbivores on the genetic structure of harmful cyanobacterial populations, Orlando Sarnelle. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

Using geophysics to identify land use and seasonal climate influences on groundwater recharge: implications for water resources and ecosystem sustainability, Remke Van Dam and David Hyndman. Abstract. Final report (pdf)

Improving the accuracy of radiocarbon chronologies from lake-sediment cores: Testing for the Carbon 14 reservoir effect in aquatic macrophytes, Catherine Yansa and Dave Long. Abstract. Final report (pdf)



Mapping Michigan’s Regulatory Infrastructure for Inland Lake Management, Kendra Cheruvelil and Dan Kramer. Abstract.

Removal of viruses and pharmaceuticals in a full-scale membrane bioreactor, Irene Xagoraraki and Joan B. Rose. Abstract.

Tumor promotional and immunological mechanisms of cyanobacterial metabolites and interactions with pharmaceutical wastes that contaminate water resources, Brad Upham. Abstract.

Building Capacity for Safe Water and Sanitation Programs in Africa, Anne Ferguson, Tracy Dobson, Evangelyn Alocilja, and Leo Zulu. Abstract.

Towards a mechanistic framework of how changing temperatures affect aquatic bacterial community structure and function, Jay Lennon. Abstract.

Characterizing Wetland Habitats of the Wild Oryza Species, Tao Sang and Douglas Schemske. Abstract.

The Role of Algae in Interactions Among High Latitude Wetlands and Climate Changes, Jan Stevenson, Merritt Turetsky, and David Hyndman. Abstract.



The role of macrophytes and their management on Daphnia food quality and quantity in shallow lakes, Kendra Cheruvelil, Orlando Sarnelle, and Amy Derosier. Abstract.

Adapting multi-locus genotyping methods for black bass to assess anthropogenic activities as selective forces on bass populations and their ecosystem services, Mary Bremigan and Kim Scribner. Abstract.

Containment Lysimeter Flow Regime Verification and Instrumentation for Evaluating the Transport of Viruses and Indicators to Shallow Groundwater, Tim Harrigan and Irene Xagoraraki. Abstract.

Life history variation and contaminant stress in lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush, Cheryl Murphy, A. Daniel Jones, and Mohamed Faisal. Abstract.

Role of Plants in Migration of Antimicrobials from Land-Applied Biosolids, Dawn Reinhold and Alison Cupples. Abstract.

WETL.AKE Project: Effects of wetland type, extent and connectivity on lake chemistry, Patricia A. Soranno and Catherine Yansa. Abstract.



Ecosystem effects of World Trade Organization decisions, Brian Roth and Mark Axelrod. Abstract.

Covariation in embryo and larval sturgeon traits mediated by dynamic microbial communities and physical features of aquatic environments, Kim Scribner and Terence Marsh. Abstract.

Sea Lamprey Settlement Behavior in Response to Variations in Migratory Pheromone Compounds: A Proof of Concept Study, Michael Wagner, Weiming Li, and Roger Bergstedt. Abstract.

Impacts of large-capacity groundwater withdrawal on lake and wetland ecosystems: Michigan lakes as a model for conducting research to inform policy of water withdrawals, Patricia Soranno and Jo Latimore. Abstract.



Preliminary identification of a putrefaction-derived repellent for the invasive sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus), Michael Wagner, MSU, Fisheries & Wildlife; James Miller, MSU, Entomology; and Eric Stroud, Shark Defense Technologies, LLC, Oak Ridge, NJ. Abstract.


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Post-doctoral Fellowship Grants


Quantifying biogeochemical processes in through-flow wetlands, Steve Hamilton (lead PI), Nathaniel Ostrom, Merritt Turetsky, and Jay Lennon. Abstract.

Environmental Fate, Resistance Development and Toxicity of Antibiotics in Natural and Engineering Systems, Hui Li (lead PI), Brian J. Teppen, Irene Xagoraraki, Stephen A. Boyd, James Tiedje, Syed Hashsham, James E. Trosko, and Brad L. Upham. Abstract.

Coupling the land use history of watersheds with carbon turnover and the biogeochemical dynamics and stability of lake ecosystems, Terrence Marsh (lead PI), David T. Long, and Thomas C. Voice. Abstract.

Emerging Waterborne Viruses in Michigan Waters: Development of DNA- Based Detection Tools for Surveillance and Assessing Risk, Irene Xagoraraki (lead PI), Evangelyn C. Alocilja, Joan B. Rose, Syed Hashsham, and Jane Herbert. Abstract.


Wetland soils as harbors of mercury:  the vulnerability of mercury leaching export to streams under changing land-use and climatic regimes, Merritt Turetsky (lead PI), Jay Lennon, Terry Marsh, Jiaguo Qi, and Sabrina McCormick. Abstract.

Interactive effects of turbulence, light and phosphorus on Microcystis dominance in Michigan lakes, Elena Litchman (lead PI), Phanikumar Mantha, Steve Hamilton, Orlando Sarnelle. Abstract.

Evaluating the Environmental Persistence of Antimicrobials in Land Applied Biosolids, Alison Cupples (lead PI), Phanikumar Mantha, Thomas Voice, Hui Li, Myron Erickson. Abstract.


The role of climate variations and land transformation on human and ecological health in large watersheds that drain to Lake Michigan, David Hyndman (lead PI), Sharon Zhong, Sabrina McCormick, Joan B. Rose, Jeffrey A. Andresen, Julie A. Winkler, and Bryan C. Pijanowski. Abstract.

Microbial and ecosystem responses to land-water linkages: the importance of terrestrial-derived dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in lakes, Jay T. Lennon (lead PI), Steve Hamilton, Tom Schmidt, Trina McMahon, Louis King, and Ryan Newton. Abstract.


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