MSU Center for Water Sciences

CWS-affiliated Laboratories

The following laboratories are associated with CWS:

Algal Ecology Lab
Director: Jan Stevenson
Functions: Algal analysis and water chemistry

Aquatic Entomology Laboratory (AEL)
Director: Richard Merritt (note: Dr. Merritt has retired from MSU)
Functions:Macroinvertebrate sampling and analysis

Aqueous and Environmental Geochemical Laboratory (AEGL)
Directors:Dave Long, Tom Voice, Nathaniel Ostrom
Functions: Inorganic, organic, and stable isotope chemistry

MSU Hydrogeology Lab
Directors: David Hyndman
Functions: Groundwater and surface water hydrology

Water Quality, Environmental and Molecular Microbiology Laboratory
Director: Joan Rose
Functions: Microbial contaminant identification and transport



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